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How to Sell Your Vacant Home Fast

Having a vacant home can be a burden, costing you monthly expenses without generating income. At Squarerise, we know that selling a vacant property quickly is a top priority for homeowners in this situation. The good news is that you can sell your vacant home fast by taking advantage of our streamlined cash offer process.

As an experienced home buyer serving you, Squarerise makes it easy for owners of vacant properties to sell their homes as-is, without making any repairs. We provide fair cash offers within 24 hours, eliminating the headaches of prepping and listing your vacant home traditionally.

As an experienced home buyer serving you, Squarerise makes it easy for owners of vacant properties to sell their homes as-is, without making any repairs. We provide fair cash offers within 24 hours, eliminating the headaches of prepping and listing your vacant home traditionally.

We’ll overview creative tips and our proven process for selling your vacant property quickly for cash. You’ll learn how to:

  • Obtain a competitive cash offer from Squarerise within 24 hours
  • Bypass the repairs and showings required in traditional selling
  • Close on your timeline, typically in as fast as 7 days
  • Avoid monthly costs and headaches from your unoccupied property

Selling a vacant home doesn’t have to be slow or uncertain. By following Squarerise’s guide, you can get a fast, fair cash offer and sell your vacant property in just days. Keep reading to learn how.

Consider an “As-Is” Sale

One way to sell your vacant home quickly is to consider an “as-is” sale. This means selling the property in its current condition without making any repairs or improvements. Cash home buyers like us love as-is sales! We can buy your property fast without nitpicking minor flaws that would turn off retail buyers.

An as-is sale eliminates the headache and hassle of fixing up your vacant property before listing it traditionally. You can pocket the cash quickly rather than sinking more time and money into repairs. Our team gets giddy when we see an as-is home hit the market – makes it easier for us to make a competitive cash offer!

So if you want a fast, simple sale, look no further than offering your home as-is. We’ll be over here crossing our fingers your vacant property will come to us as-is so we can make our magical cash offer appear for you. No repairs, no drama, just speedy cash in your pocket. Now that’s something to get excited about!

Be Flexible About Showings and Inspections

When selling a vacant home, being flexible about showings and inspections can help expedite the sale. Understand that potential buyers need to see and assess the property thoroughly before making an offer.

Accommodate requests to tour your vacant home on short notice. Be willing to work around buyers’ schedules for showings, even if it means quick turnarounds or showing on weekends and evenings.

Also, don’t create roadblocks when buyers ask to bring inspectors or contractors to evaluate the property. Doing so can turn off serious buyers and drag out the selling process.

Remaining flexible and open with viewings and inspections shows buyers you are eager to sell. This can make buyers more confident about purchasing the vacant property and allow for a faster sale. A little accommodation upfront can prevent your vacant home from sitting on the market unnecessarily.

Minimize Any Needed Repairs and Updates

When selling a vacant home quickly, an extensive repair or renovation list can really slow things down. Try to minimize any fixes or updates needed on the property before listing. This is especially important if you are trying to sell within a short time frame.

Look critically at your vacant home and determine what are absolute necessities for repair before selling versus what could be optional improvements. For example, fixing any roof leaks, plumbing issues, or other major defects should be top priority. Cosmetic updates like painting or new floors can likely wait.

Stick to essential maintenance and repairs only. Draw up a realistic budget and timeline that allows you to take care of major issues without going overboard on optional renovations. This will help preserve your property’s value without sinking too much extra time and money before a sale.

Remember, you don’t need to renovate your entire vacant property before listing. Tend only to repairs that cannot reasonably be left for the buyer to handle. This targeted approach will get your home sold faster and allow you to move on quicker.

Don’t Wait for the “Perfect” Offer

When selling a vacant home quickly, it’s important not to hold out for the “perfect” offer. While you want to get fair market value, waiting for an over-asking bid will likely add unnecessary time to the selling process.

The best offer isn’t always the highest price. Consider speed and certainty of close, contingencies, and buyer financing. An offer slightly below asking could end up being preferable if the buyer has secure financing and is ready to close quickly.

As long as the offer reasonably aligns with comps and your asking price, strongly consider accepting it to expedite the sale. You don’t want your vacant property sitting while you wait for the perfect deal.

Once you receive an offer that checks off your main boxes, move forward decisively with that buyer. Don’t get caught up chasing the prospect of incremental dollars over maximizing convenience and velocity. Acting promptly on fair, qualified offers will get your vacant house sold faster.

Be Upfront About Any Issues or Challenges

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When listing a vacant home, transparency about any problems or defects is key. Being upfront about issues like roof damage, plumbing needs, foundation cracks etc. will help buyers assess the property accurately. Trying to hide or downplay challenges could make buyers suspicious and drag out the sale.

Provide detailed disclosures and answer questions from potential buyers honestly. Glossing over or omitting issues may come back to bite you and extend the sale timeline. Address problems head on to instill trust in buyers and expedite the process.

Of course, major defects or repairs could deter buyers who want a total move-in ready home. If you want to sell your vacant house as-is, fast cash home buyers like Squarerise make ideal partners. We buy vacant properties in any condition and can provide a competitive offer quickly with no repair requirements on your end. Let us take those headaches off your hands! Contact us today to learn more about our streamlined cash offer process.

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